Dr. Inderjit Singh, Chairman, Punjab & Sind Bank and later, the promoter of the Bank of Punjab. He was a man who worked 18 hours a day, steered Punjab and Sind Bank to new heights creating as many  jobs & opportunities for youth and even started a new bank at the age of 84. Work was worship for him.

Inderjit Singh served selflessly and performed conscientiously in all spheres of his life. He lived in simplicity, was straight forward and clear in his life. He excelled in the virtues of honesty, devotion and optimism. A renowned humanitarian, he drew inspiration from the spiritual teachings.

Educational excellence will be the greatest reward for all the investment in human capital, he said. Of course, the children should be morally rooted so that they do not go with the sway and rather maintain their identity with pride”.

Dr. Singh, an unparalleled success story, spent a substantial part of his time and resources in working for the upliftment of the weaker section of the society. Till the time of his death, he was an active social worker and was the guiding force behind many social and educational institutions.

He was a combination of philosopher, thinker, planner and sympathizer- qualities very few possess. In recognition of his services to society and achievements in diverse fields such as banking, finance, education and economic development, the Khalsa Panth conferred the highest title of “PANTHRATNA” (a jewel of the community) on Dr.Inderjit Singh on the tercentenary of the Khalsa at Sri Anandpur Sahib on April 14, 1999. Dr. Inderjit Singh is the second person to be honored with this rarest of the rare award.

KIRAT WORLD is inspired by life of Dr. S. Inderjeet Singh ji, who worked for Excellence as Spiritually, Academically & Professionally like a role model human.