Our mission is to empower under-privileged youth through sustainable living.

We divided youngsters into three categories. First whose don’t have any educational qualification or working skills, Seconds are those whose have skills like carpenter, electrician, etc. But they hav’t educational degree & others, whose have educational degree but they have not practical experience in their lives.

‘Kirat World’ emphasizes a providing both Education and Vocational trainings & employment to youth. We provide them guidance with SWOT analyses where to go to particular field. We assist them with a plan and coaching at subsidized rates. We also guide, assist & helps unemployed / underemployed youth to setting up various self Help Projects & create job opportunities for more youth.

We go behind excellence in whatever we do.  We practice honesty and transparency in our actions under all circumstances.  We value every individual who we work with and for. We promote a culture of innovation and learning to continuously respond to the changing social and livelihood needs. We seek to collaborate and work together with all stakeholders to enhance value of all that we deliver.